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Pearly Penile Papules Laser Treatment

PEARLY PENILE PAPULE Treatment : Valley Aesthetics and Laser-Huntington Beach,CA,USA
At Valley Aesthetics and Laser Dr.Karan is committed to be leaders in the aesthetic medicine by providing the latest technologies combined with the highest medical care for its patients. Thus, here you can benefit from the most efficient genital treatments against a skin condition very common in men, namely the Pearly Penile Papules (PPP ).
So, the most efficient genital treatment against Pearly Penile Papules that we can offer is 
Fotona Erbium Laser.
This penile skin condition manifests through the appearance of several small dome-shaped or filiform skin-colored papules of 1-2 mm in size, which are usually located on the glans penis. These bumps are frequently arranged circumferentially in one or several rows. Pearly penile papules are never malignant lesions, nor transmitted through sexual contact or associated with the personal hygiene. They usually appear in uncircumcised men but anyone can be affected, around the age of 20-30 and this gradually decrease with age, affecting approximately 35% of the male population. This genital condition is asymptomatic and may persist the entire life, in time however becoming less visible. If you are concerned with this problem, you most certainly want to undergo a specialized treatment and Valley Aesthetics and Laser is the most appropriate place to do this in a simple, quick manner and with optimum results! 

The latest technology used in our clinic for a variety of 
skin conditions, including the pearly penile papules is Erbium Laser. The treatments that use Erbium Laser are safe, fast, painless, do not cause bleeding and leaves minimal to no scarring. Because radio frequency uses radio waves and not electricity, the adjacent tissues to the treated area are less affected and the small electrode which simultaneously cuts and cauterizes the papules that ensures a more precise and complete removal, reducing the healing time. Another equally significant advantage is that the electrode auto-sterilizes during its use, reducing thus the risk of post-operative infection. 

The Erbium Laser treatment against pearly penile papules lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Most patients do not require any kind of anesthesia after the papules removal. Complete downtime usually takes 8-10 days from treatment, but during this period the level of discomfort is absolutely minimal. Many patients worry about the level of pain during the Erbium Laser treatment and still, they remain pleasantly surprised by the fact that it’s minimal. The surgical intervention takes place under local anesthesia and you will be able to normally resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure except you are advised to refrain from penetrative sex for a period of 7-10 days.

Because at Valley Aesthetics and Laser, our professionalism and field experience says it all, the doctor in charge of your clinical condition will take into consideration and analyze in the beginning your medical history, in detail in order to avoid any kind of unwanted problems and also to ensure the most suitable type of treatment for you. In our clinic, Erbium Laser treatments are considered among the most efficient and safe with minimal scarring and least down time as compared to other forms of treatment.

That’s why we invite you to Valley Aesthetics and Laser in Huntington Beach, where you will benefit from a free consultation during which you will find out all the necessary information regarding your problem and also the solutions offered by our specialists. With us everything is safe, fast and efficient; the only thing remaining for you to do is to convince yourself of it!

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Wart Treatment With Nd:Yag Laser

Warts, or verrucas in medical terms, are growths on the skin's level, noncancerous but unsightly, caused by the human papillomavirus. Harmless at first sight, verrucas must be found and removed as soon as possible because they have a high degree of infectiousness and they can spread to other areas of the body.
Wart removal is an easy, fast and with minimum discomfort laser treatment at Valley Aesthetics and Laser in Huntington Beach ,CA,USA, where our expert doctors and RNs are at your disposal with the latest medical cosmetic treatments such as the laser wart removal. Nd:Yag laser treatment for wart and verrucas removal used in our clinic makes use of an advanced technology based on a medical device, which directs the high intensity light directly on the pathogenic cells. These work by directly killing the virus and damaging the blood supply which is feeding these warts.
Before any laser treatment, you will discuss with one of our specialist estheticians about your needs and problems, in order to understand all the aspects of this procedure. ND:Yag laser wart removal treatment is a high precision technique that melts each layer until they slowly vanish. Before the ND:Yag laser intervention, a small local anesthesia is made, a painless process. Laser's duration of action is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes for each wart or verrucas, depending on the size and age of the wart. 

The big plus of the Nd:Yag laser treatment is the fact that the laser beam does not spread to the healthy cells and that it does not attack the adjacent healthy tissues. It instantly coagulates blood vessels so there is no bleeding. Unlike other methods of verrucas removal, the laser treatment does not affect the surrounding healthy tissue therefore the recovery is much faster. Another advantage of this laser therapy is that in the postoperative period, it turns into a smooth, superficial and almost indistinguishable scar, which will heal definitively in just over one-two weeks. We use top of the line European Forotna XPmax NdYag Laser.
If you are troubled by unsightly skin warts and verrucas,Valley Aesthetics and Laser offers you the perfect solution to eliminate them with the help of ND:yag laser treatment, in a safe, painless and efficient way, made by a professional personnel and skin specialists. 
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