Friday, July 4, 2008

Going Beyond Medical Practice

I have been practicing medicine for last 12 years in Socal and I feel qualified to say what I have been observing in respect to what is going on with medical clinics throughout Socal. Undoubtedly, changes occuring has not been favorable to doctos practices, from declining revenue from payers to increasing cost of running practices( "Overheads").
Increasing "overheads" are due to various factors and depends of type of Practices, i.e.
Solo,Group,Single Speciality or Multispecialities,patients mix-up etc.
Lets discuss some of the factors I have faced myself and observed with my friends medical clinincs.
1.Increasing Cost of Rent and Personnel: Every year employees approach the owners for 2-3 % raise and demand for additional benefits like medical,dental and life insurance. Many occasions we have to give in especially for good employees.

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