Friday, December 14, 2012

Erbium Laser Peel:Unparalleled and Unrivaled Result

Lite Erbium Laser Peel
Huntington Beach Office:
Hacienda Heights Office:
Fotona Erbium Yag laser is very unique, allowing the operator to make adjustments for various skin types. As an ablative laser peel, it requires 1-2 days of patient downtime. The laser goes deep in epidermis and removes 10-25 micrometers of epidermis in homogenous manner. The goal is to remove age and sun spots, keratosis and fine pigments and soften fine wrinkles. Typically several treatments are required on monthly basis to achieve the result.
Lite Laser peel gently refreshes the skin’s surface and helps remove the superficial blemishes and skin irregularities. Deeper peel penetration in the epidermis helps soften the wrinkles. Fotona Erbium Yag laser is ideal for acne scarring, pore minimization, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented areas, crow’s feet wrinkles, tightening of eyelids, tightening of the hands, and removal of sunspots on the hands. This peel is a more effective alternative to microdermabrasion.

Post treatment:
Immediately following the procedure, the treated area needs to be soaked with soft gauze soaked in vinegar and water. Vinegar soaks will soothe the area and soften the dried blood and possible crusting for removal. The acid pH of the vinegar also discourages bacterial growth.
Ointment is then applied after each vinegar soak. This is to be continued until the treated area is free of peeling skin, and is smooth. Once the area is smooth, vinegar soaks are decreased, but ointment use continues until healed completely.
Lite Erbium Laser Peel
Before and After Pictures:

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