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Painless and Fast Laser Hair Removal-Huntington Beach-Hacienda Heights-Orange County-LA County

Fotona Xpmax Laser technology: Uniqueness
1. The Fotona Variable Square Pulse (VSP) technology is a unique, patented and
Proprietary laser power supply solution that controls the energy and time duration
Or pulse width of laser pulses, providing perfect rectangular pulses with variable
Pulse width.
The Nd:Yag 1064 nm fotona XpMax laser targets the hemoglobin and Melanin of active hair follicle ( Bulb and Bulge)  and its circulation thus making it highly effective in all kinds of hair and skin color.
2. Individual Response to laser treatment varies on several factors: area, follicular density, skin color and hair colors, percentage of Anlagen (active) and Telogen Hairs (resting) and Depth of Anagen Hair follicles. During the course of treatment the RNs/MDs look at special reaction at hair shaft called “Hair Sparks”, which indicates that appropriate amount of energy, is being delivered.
3.Fotona Laser treatment procedure is TOUCHLESS and PAINLESS (Mostly).

Frequently Asked Questions for Laser Hair Removal
1.       What Should I expect just after LHR treatment:
 Immediately after the treatments, there may be redness and bumps at the treatment area, which may last up to 12 hours or longer.  It is normal for the treated area to feel like sunburn for a few hours. Apply Aloe Vera Gel (alcohol Free) to area twice daily.  You should use a cold compress if needed. Red bumps are due to follicular reaction to laser energy and it is generally a good sign. It red bumps persist more than 24 hours, please contact us via EMIAL.
Makeup can be applied as long as the skin is not broken. Makeup will also
Serve as an additional sun block.

2.  What if I see redness or blistering after LHR:
If any blistering or crusting appears, apply OTC Hydrocortisone cream twice daily for 5 days.  Contact the office if this occurs.
3. How Long Should I wait in between LHR treatment:
 Please allow 6-8 weeks period in between laser hair removal for optimum hair follicles to transition into growth phase. Only Growth Phase hair follicles respond to laser treatment.
4. Can I go in Sun after LHR:
 Avoid direct sun exposure to treated area for 2 weeks in order to reduce the chance of Hyper-pigmentation.  Use sunscreen SPF 30 or higher at all times throughout the treatment and up to 6 week after last treatment.
5.  Can I wax or bleach or Pluck:
Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin.  DO NOT USE any other hair removal methods (waxing, plucking or bleaching) or products on the treated area during the course of your laser treatments, as it will prevent you from achieving your best results. Do not use Neosporin or other OTC antibiotic ointments.
6.  When Should I shower after LHR:
You may shower after the laser treatments, and use soap, deodorant (fragrance Free), etc.  The treated area may be washed gently with a mild soap.  Skin should be patted dry and not rubbed.
7.  When Would I see Hair Falling Out:
Anywhere from 7-14 days after the treatment, shedding of the hair may occur and this may appear as new hair growth.  This is not new hair growth, but dead hair pushing its way out of the follicle.  You can help the hair exfoliate by washing or wiping with a washcloth.
8.  What Kind Of Skin care Products I should not USE:
Do not use or apply any skin care products that contain the following to the treated area during the duration of treatment:
Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Retinol Creams, Alcohol, Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, Benzyl Peroxide.
9.  When Should I shave:
You should shave 24-48 hrs before your scheduled laser treatment to allow any microscopic cuts to heal and thus reducing pain during laser treatment. You can resume shaving 2 days after treatment.
10.  Can I get LHR while I am Pregnant:
We will offer extra 9 months 6 weeks post-partum to complete the remaining treatment in case of pregnancy.
11. Can I do artificial sun tanning and use LHR:
If you do artificial sun tanning then you should wait at least 3 weeks prior to Laser hair Removal to let Melanocyte  calm down to prevent any risk of hyper-pigmentation. Tanning Spray does not affect LHR.
12. Can Fotona Laser be used in Dark Skin Color: Yes, we use Fotona laser in all types of skin color and hair color. The efficacy varies from patient to patient. Homogenous thermolysis is the mechanism it works with to target hair follicles in dark skin.
13.Can Fotona Laser be used for Blonde Hair: Yes It can be used to removal blonde hair but usually require more than usual number of treatments.
14. Why I saw more hair growth after LHR:

 It is important to know that in some cases an initial rise in hair numbers after the first
Laser treatment has been reported. It is believed that this increase occurs because
Of treatment induced synchronicity in the hair cycle, resulting in simultaneous
Anagen in the affected follicles. The initial rise will be followed by a reduction after
Further treatments.

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