Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cutaneous Vascular Lesion

A great deal of confusion and inconsistency exists in the terminology of vascular
lesions. Often the same name is given to different lesions by different specialty
fields, thereby confusing both interspecialty communication as well as the analysis
of reports on pathophysiology and treatment.
Mulliken and Young have proposed a standardized terminology based on cell
kinetics. According to their classification, there are 3 major categories of lesions.
Hemangiomas All lesions demonstrate endothelial hyperplasia
Capillary Hemangiomas (superficial)
Cavernous Hemagiomas (deep)
Malformations All lesions demonstrate normal endothelial turnover
Capillary malformations
Port-wine stains (PWS)
Lymphatic malformations
Venous malformations
Arterial malformations
Complex-combined malformations
Ectasias Lesions with normal turnover but with vascular dilatation
Cherry Angioma
Spider Angioma
Angioma Serpiginosum

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